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Role: Creative Lead, Videographer and Editor

Everyone tries to do something unique on signing day. This season, our Baylor creative staff took it a step further. Before our brainstorming session, we set a few rules: ​

1. No "no's"

2. No excuses for why we couldn't do something

3. Craziest idea wins

The puppets started as a joke and in the end, the craziest idea did win. In all reality, the idea wasn't that crazy. Without giving out all our secrets, we had a strong strategy and reasoning that supported the idea. 

Inspired by famous ventriloquist and Baylor alumnus Jeff Dunham, the Baylor puppets were a massive success. Our campaign received national attention with more than 1.5 million impressions on National Signing Day. 

Read more about our National Signing Day campaign from news media here: ​

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